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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Deliberate Strain

In an earlier post, I had written about the three stages of Trader Development. (Read). Having defined the structure and identified the methods and tactics to trade, we must acquire the ability to take the right action at the right time. This cannot be achieved without a lot of practice and experience.

The problem is experience will not lead to expertise always. Despite repetition, we may fail to become an expert in what we do. We can find a lot of people who have worked at something for decades without really improving their performance in their chosen profession. What we need is “Deliberate Practice”.

Dr. Anders Ericsson is one of the pioneers researching “Deliberate Practice” .One of Erickson's core findings is that the expertise development is depended on “How one practices” rather than “How long one practices”. An expert breaks down the skills that are required to be an expert and focuses on improving those skill chunks during practice with appropriate feedback. 

Another important feature of deliberate practice lies in continuously practicing a skill at more challenging levels with the intention of mastering it.

We need to take "Deliberate Strain" and "Deliberate Pain"  for real improvement.


  1. I have posted a blog article summarizing your trading setup at the location
    I do hope it accurately describes your trading methodology.

  2. Rameshji

    Nice Summary.
    Continue blogging. It will help you to streamline the thought process


  3. Thank u Smart Trader and Thank u Rameshji... It was good explaination of the whole concept.. ( In Rameshji's blog )..


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