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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Nifty opened above PDC and formed  an initial range as a Barbed wire around BRN 5400.Bias was bullish skipped the TST of IR low as it was forming a barbed wire. BPB of IR High gave another long signal. Took it even though FTA PDH was too close. This trade moved well.


  1. Sir...openig above or below pdc can b taken as up or down bias????

  2. Bizagra

    Cant say
    If PDC is somewhere near the low of previous day range and DO little above it, we cant say bias is bullish.
    Make it simple.If the current price range is above the previous price range bias is bullish.


  3. Somebody was wishing that u give personal calls. I tried that in my initial days but it leads to distraction from the goal and precious leak of energy, effort, and concentration. Stopped it right away.

    Ilango says "Trading is a personal experience" Agree with him absolutely.

  4. SBSB

    Rightly said
    Being responsible for others money is very stressful. Can't bear it.



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