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Monday, August 27, 2012


Nifty opened just above BRN 5400. First bar gave an impression that BRN is going to hold. But next bar broke BRN and gave a BPB short signal.TP at PDL. BPB of PDL was another short. Even though it moved well I scratched the trade with a small loss.


  1. sir, even i tried for BOF of PDL...and was kicked out..:)

  2. where bpb is written at 13.05 it appears as bof of pdl. how cud u avoid it st??

  3. one point i can see is that the pdl breach was maintained for good 20+ min . usually in bof trades in case bo, the breakout is very short and it reverses

  4. Piyush

    I shorted the 12.51 bar marked with down arrow as BPB. But it failed to go down and came back above PDL My stop did not trigger. I scratched my trade when it fell to 5370 and bounced back to 5380.


  5. thanx st.13.35 to 5368 it fell and in hindsight the bounce is another bpb of 5375 low (12-30 to 13.00)


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