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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Nifty gaped up into PDH and got rejected. IR formed and BOF of IR High gave a short signal which did not move. Scratched the trade at a small loss.BOF of PDH/HOD gave another short which moved very well. A 50 point trade.. I was a little bit scared to go long  when price reversed and went above PDL( was it a BOF or BPB ?) without a retest of LOD.Skipped it.


  1. sir. in case of many points above or below high or low u place as SL????thx

  2. bizagra

    just one point beyond the breakout extreme


  3. Sir,

    Recently came to know about blog.

    Have been trading for last 3 yrs. Your trading style gave wonderful insight to me for intra day trades..

    Thanking you for this simple method.. Though system is new to me started trading based on it since i have been trading for more than 3 yrs, The concept is very clear to me.

    Sir can we have live interaction where in you can guide to followers like Mr. Illango does.

    E.G. today should wait for LOL to break or it is already treated as BOF since we are trading below PDOL

    Thanking you & Best Regards,

  4. Atharva

    Thanks for the visit and comment.
    Sorry,No such plans for the near future



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