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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day closing range. After two days up move I was expecting a range or a sell off. First two bars were bear bars and the bias was bearish. Looking for shorting opportunity. BOF at IR low was a long signal but skipped it as the bias was bearish and BRN 5400 as FTA. BPB of IR low was a short signal, but did not move as expected. Scratched the trade.. The next two trades were BOF of BRN . Both trades moved well.BOF of LOD came too late to trade.


  1. missed the 5400 brn which was probably the most important level today - probably sitting too close to the screen - rb

  2. Even i missed the BRN but i was tracking the Previous Day Close which was just above it at 5406. This acted in a Layer on Layer with the first layer as 5400 which was penetrated. Nifty Future stopped at the second layer i.e. Previous Close of the Day 5406 and reversed.


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