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Monday, December 22, 2014

High Low Range

Market volatility is an important factor that determines the profit potential of a day trader. You might have noticed that sometimes Nifty gaps up and spends the entire day in a tight trading range, making day trading very difficult. Further a volatility measure is very much required for knowing what kind of a move to expect and to decide where to book the profits ones you are in a trade..

Markets are cyclical and alternate between high volatility and low volatility. We are going through a high volatility phase. This is temporary and will pass.People generally use ATR as a proxy for volatility. But this measure includes gaps and is not a very true measure from a day trading point of view. High Low range or intraday range is a better proxy of intraday volatility.

Sunil Saranjame of Indian Market Monitor regularly tracks many Market Internals like H-L Range and relative strength. He has made a post on HL Range this week.Please do not ask me to explain more. SS will be the right person to do it Click here to read the post


  1. Hi ST,
    Thanks for the link
    Any blogs or books for reading more regarding indian market internals ?


    1. I do not know any books on that.
      Stockbee uses many such scans


  2. have a visit they are telling that brokerage is 175 per crore .. no any other charges or tax


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