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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reading: Train Your Brain

It is my opinion that all trading strategies and decision making are brain-based synaptic strategies. Because the human brain has an infinite capacity to change, organize and reorganize itself, progression to trading excellence is possible.

It is only through intense, diligent and totally committed practice through many years and many market cycles that the trader advances to the state of disciplined excellence. This excellence is the result of training the synaptic connections within the thinking and feeling areas of the brain. As a consequence of this training, the trader will be able to recognize, process instantly and execute the trade with little or no cognitive or affective dissonance.

The brain is the most powerful structure in the known universe and the only trading tool that the trader needs to become an expert.          ( Click to read more)

Dr.Janice Dorn, M.D., Ph.D.


  1. Thanks ST for the PDF.
    Saw it just now. Will go through it today

    Thanks once again.


  2. hi ST
    above IRH,DO,PDC and PDH bias is bullish
    below IRL,DO,PDC and PDL then bearish

  3. Good Morning ST

    Thanks for the article.

    Practice, practice and practice...

    Can we say practice makes the "trading" perfect?

    First learn the subject and then practice it by simulating trades on as many charts as possible.

    Practice as much as possible to train the brain as much as possible and to develop procedural memory as much as possible.



  4. Sudardhan

    Then the bias was bullish

  5. URD

    But do not practice to fail.......


  6. ST

    Practicing to way..

    You guided me to "train your brain" long time back and things changed since then.

    On a light note, one joke,

    Both husband and wife do trading. Husband loses and the wife earns. How?

    Wife knows what orders her husband puts in. She does just opposite. If he buys, the same thing at same point she sells. If he sells, she buys the same.


  7. URD

    Waste of time.
    They are playing a zero sum game.
    Let them indulge in something "Productive"


  8. Hi ST,

    Kindly clarify my query. Driving a car or practicing a surgeon course produces prodecural memory where trading involves constant change from time to will not the same. Then my question is how procedural memory help us to acheive trading consistency. Sorry if im wrong it's long long time doubt since i read this article.


  9. Suresh

    Trading is all about decision making.Our brain excel in unconscious decision making and these decisions always override conscious decisions. Trading will never become smooth and effortless till our unconscious take over.


  10. Suresh

    There is some confusion it seems.
    We are not talking about achieving automaticity or procedural memory in the Physical Action.
    It is not about tearing open once belly or slamming the brake. It is all about the decisions to be taken before these physical actions.
    Physically trading is just entering an order and clicking the execute button. We are concerned about the decision making process behind this action.
    For example the vehicle in front of you slows down. He may be
    Pulling over to the side,Allowing you to overtake,Going to take a U turn etc. He may apply sudden brake if something happened in front of him.Your response to his action will depend on your own analysis of the situation.
    Here you are not taking a conscious decision what to do.Your unconscious brain will process everything and act.
    This is called procedural memory or automaticity


  11. Thanks ST for your valuable comments.



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