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Thursday, April 10, 2014


There was no follow up after yesterday's trend move. Nifty remained range bound. Attempted two trades. These trades did not work. Went short on break of IRL. Target was BRN. But BO failed and stopped me out. Went long on break of PDH,but scratched it later. There were too many levels within 30 points. Did not attempt any other trades.


  1. Hi ST

    Did not understand the FTC trade which u marked on the chart. Could you please explain??


  2. Hi ST,

    I did not understand the reason behind going for direct BO of IRL. Please throw some light on it.


  3. Hi ST,
    Did not take any trade today


  4. TBP

    Nifty went up after open and got rejected at PDH. Second push up also failed. A FTC. Entered short on break of IRL where I expected some stops. I thought it may drift down to BRN as it was a fluid below yesterdays last swing low. I missed the BOF long because of this


  5. Hey ST,

    I've read the first 50 pages of your book and was so excited that I got distracted and into a bunch of other price-action videos.

    Nevertheless, I will get back to reading it soon.:)

    I wanted to jump the gun and tell you though that I thought it was brilliantly written - so simple and straightforward that you really should consider publishing it so that it can reach more people (and that it becomes a part of the archive of published writings on trading).

    I've already passed it on to a few traders.:)

  6. Yoda

    Thanks for the visit and comment.
    Very little has been written in the book. Leisurely go through the important blog posts listed below the blog.
    Please don't forget to give your valuable feedback


  7. ST SIR,
    trying to trade by following your method and some time I post my chart
    in TJ. I want to use 'TRADING DECISION POINTS' as my signature if you kindly permit me to do so.

  8. Puchu_2500

    You can use it.
    I do not hold any patent or copyright on it.Focus on skill development.Forum IDs and signatures will not contribute to it


  9. HI, ST sir

    i am starting post crude chart on blog . as u said ....
    please visit and correct me if i wrong ...or give me suggestion ...or modification .

    thank you .

    i am reading one by one post on niftynirvana blog ..its really helpful and i am try to modified my thinking may take some time ..but it is essential for development of skill .

    i request to all my friends to read your blog . if anyone think about full time trading OR serious about trading . then Its MUST.its basic about trading ... Its Like Alphabet, or Numeric 0-9.
    its essential. if we dont know about alphabet then how we read/write...?? OR how we solve maths without knowing no.

    thank you sir for your valuable guidance.

    thanks a lot

  10. Vishal

    Nice one
    Document your trades everyday. It is going to be your trade journal. Writing it will help to make your thought process right.
    I may not be able to help you much as I do not know how crude behaves.Anyway , I will check it regularly
    All the best


  11. HI

    ST sir ,

    i am in market since 2007-08. compare to you i am newbie. in 2008-2010 i am worked as a 2010 i am joined pro-desk as a jobber(scalper) ..they train me around 4-5 month step by step . in mid-2010 i trade independantly.
    till today i work in prop-desk as a jobber(scalper). i trade in option.
    i am continuous follower of market . i have some skill of tape reading OR u may says market BEST 5 window (top 5 buyer/seller window). i trade according to that reading. without any bias in mind ..without any chart reading ..without any news ....i trade on BEST 5 buyer /seller ...only on my judgement. and partially i think i am successful in that.
    i am full time jobber and my bread and butter and living all depends on that .
    sir u say or u think why i told you that ..??
    cause of i think you are right person my mind open and speak to you.
    i want to improvement in my skill .
    i think you are wellwisher of me (yes my mind says it loudly)
    i think u are my teacher ,guru..etc.

    sir , i have skill and i trust /faith on that skill .i make some money on that skill .BUT....

    sir main problem is that ..i cant control myself .
    i cant stop trading if i am in loss.

    sir , mujhe pata hai ki my loss limit per day is only 5k . and if i cross it then i want to stop my trading for that day. i know this thing very well . but jab actual situation aati hai tab mai khud ko rok nahii pata hoo.

    mujhe pata hai , ki hyper nahi honaa chahiye but ...mai hyper (gussa) hota ho ...jab bhi mera trade loss me chala jaaye tab mai bahut gussa hota hoo.

    there is atleast 12-15 working day i am in profit but ...i cant stop it and i loss my earned money....that time dont realize that ...butt after some time i realize that.....and i think ....kaash mai ruk jaata ...mera paisa bach jaata....

    i think i am too greedy person . thats why this problem .

    actually main problem is that self control . if i achive that then it will solve all problem i think .

    remaining there is 5-7 working days i lost lots of money ...if i stop my trading @ max.5k per day .
    then its best . then i will loose only 25-30k in these day .

    but problem is that i hope that i will recover my loss and make profit ...and it will work sometime and fail sometime ...we dont know future . that rule follow in profitable days also used my me . ....making more money ..i think and trade ...

    too long post sir ...cause of i am frusted now for more loss and less profit or equal loss and equal profit .

    sorry for too much long post sir .

    its not uselful post for blog reader ...send me answer to my mail

    ...whenever time permit guide me, reply me . you will guide me properly .

    sir i trade intraday only.and my daily 200-600 trade in option . i am fully option trader.

    thankyou sir

  12. Sir,
    Only for ur constant guidance today i got good reward.. Thank u for helping me out when i'm in doubt..
    Really thank u for being here not loudly but silently..thank u for being there..

  13. ST,
    Does the time of day play any role in your decisions?

  14. Vishal

    I have no experience in scalping.
    Will mail you later


  15. Anon

    Traders need to take lunch
    So must be careful trading during 12.00 to 02.00 time. Cant expect much follow up for signals



  16. Hi sentu

    Can you post todays charts which you traded.



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