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Friday, April 4, 2014


Nifty opened within previous day range. IR formed.Avoided the short below IRL. It was a nice SS trade opportunity. Price tested PDL twice and moved up. Long on break of IRL/RN into the fluid. TP near PDC.Went short on BOF of IRH and TST of PDC. A LOL.Covered at a small profit as price caught up within IR. Next down move was fast and furious. Could not catch it. Tried a long on BOF of PDL. RN/IRL was a barrier. I thought the fluid may help. Scratched it.


  1. Hi ST

    Market running out of ideas to move I guess. Love for the same DPs again.

    I took the same trades. Did not do a SS but suspected a PP on the first and on the second trade managed to hold on to the short trade and covered at PDL.
    Any pointers to that trade??

    Thanks and regards


  2. TBP

    Why should the market move?
    I love trading these kind of orderly chop. Trend wallahs and Indi wallahs getting slaughtered left and right


  3. Hi ST

    True that Choppiness has increased but so far well defined.

    I want to swing trade too, how should I go about it??


  4. Sudarshan


  5. TBP

    Check stock bee blog for some good ideas


  6. sir,
    Im writing this about ur last thread on ur blog..where u conveyed does it difficult to internalize..
    About that i think ur concept is well defined and well structured..every theory has some con and pros,ur concept also has some..and about my personal opinion i trade on ur method..but i trde on future stock..r cap,yes bk,tata motor..and its working perfectly,as u know on the way we need to tweak the concept as situation also other thing everyones brain function on different they see the same thing on different way,so they also need to change theory ..its nothing that theory need to change..but its need to tweak as situation u can see if we need to go market ..give 10 people same route ..they will walk on diff way..some will take shortcut..some will go from main route align to right,some align to left,some will run,some walk slowly and some will reach after 30 min bcos they gossiping somewhere..hope i prove my point..thank u..but its ur theory thats earning me bread and butter..i trade on ur method from morning 9 to 2pm..earning 7-10 point...leave the market after that..
    its ur theory thats have the edge..thank u..

  7. Hi ST,

    A Kind request. You are marking the trade pattern and the area where u took the trade. It is better if u mark the area where u scartch the trade. it would be helpful.


  8. Hi ST,

    I have a clarification on last BOF trade. RN was very near the trade. Was there any reason for skip that.


  9. Hi ST
    My trades
    Totally messed up


  10. Hi Sentu
    could u post some charts of your trades.


  11. Hi ST

    Please look at this. It is the image of second trade.

    My query is regarding trailing the SL, which may end up as scratch or may be trailed further.

    Would you please throw some light as to where to ideally scratch it or if someone is willing to take risk how to trail it till maximum limit?


  12. ST,

    Another one, same situation.


  13. Arun

    DPs are not brick walls

    I took the trade because of the fluid above


  14. Kishore

    Really messed up.
    What happened in first trade? Trend trading mindset.
    You attempted 3 trades in a 10 point range.If you get stopped out somewhere stand out for a while. If you miss a trade let it go.


  15. Yes ST
    Trend trading is in the blood ...
    I kept stop below MC and eventually missed the short ...

    Regarding the next trade ......
    I took the trade looking at the NF chart BOF of range...
    By chance i looked at the NS ...OMG BRN is just above ...So exited the trade ....

    Again started thinking using the NF chart big range I should join again (fearing that I will miss the move)..Long over NF RN ...scratched it ...
    Then thought like its friday , expected a down move so took the short .....

    Anyways learning from the mistakes ...Still havent put money .


  16. URD

    Simplify the approach
    You can exit a trade
    1.On FTC beyond a swing point which shows market is going to consolidate.
    2.At the next DP.If you think the DP is strong or a BOF happens there
    3.If you are sitting on a reasonable profit say 30-40 points

    Till then trail using swing points and flips. No body can perfect an exit strategy. The best action will be known only on hindsight.

    In this situation RN was also IRL and major flip. Exit as close to it as possible and look for a reentry if market moves further


  17. Hi,
    Certainly i can do that Mr. TBP..
    Thank u..i will do that on monday trade..

  18. Sir,
    i want to share this video with u..
    thank u..

  19. Sir good afternoon ,sir can master candle can be considered on 15M and what should be the min. candles in it,kindly update thnx

  20. amber


  21. Hi ST Sir,

    First of all thank you for the book and the simple looking method. You are doing an exceptional job by helping many many aspirational people around the world.
    I tried trading 4 years back without any success so stopped it. I came across your book today. After reading this, I believe this is another opportunity for me to enter in trading. The important part I liked is about your daily analysis(This is what most of the people want). This is definitely helping all the newcomers in trading.
    My action would be to compare my analysis daily with yours and see where I stand in next few months. I will also start using NSE Pathshala to trade.

    Thank you again for your great help.


  22. SK

    Thanks for the visit
    Go through all the important posts given below the blog and internalize the concepts. It looks simple but is hard to trade



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