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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Nifty opened near PDC. Skipped the BOF of PDC/PDH   as IRL and MSP were below it. Attempted two trades. BOF of IRL and BOF of HOD. Both the trades did not move as expected. Nifty traded in a 25 point range the whole day.A barbed wire around PDH/PDC


  1. Hi ST

    I took the RH and RL (range high and low) as an envelope. RH and RL engulfs IRH and IRL. Please comment if my understanding about the envelope is wrong.


  2. Kavi

    You are right.
    Once an envelop forms, the old range become less significant. Some strong levels like PDL/PDH etc in between will still attract some order flow making the range a bracket.
    Logic is simple. Trade what "All" see on the chart.


  3. Sir thnx very much for teaching the the simple method of trading, i have only one word to say God Bless You thnx

  4. Hi,

    Couldn't Think today that a Barbered wire will form near to PDC. It usually happens near BRN. Gave my 2 SL over there.
    will remember in future..

    Deven Malhotra

  5. Deven

    Barbed wires can form around any DP.
    Today BW was around BRN. BRN of spot Nifty which is an option strike level. Monitor such levels of NS. Earlier it was only xx00, now also xx50



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