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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Nifty opened near PDL and spiked. IR formed. Went long on the BOF of PDL/BRN. TP around 6140. BPB of BRN was another short signal. I skipped it as price was moving down in a channel.But it moved 30 points.


  1. Hi ST,
    1st trade same as yours.
    2nd Trade 14:12 Breakout failure of BRN (6100). Scalped it as prices didn't go the way expected.

    Thanks for the 3rd trade (BPB 6100), missed it totally. I think I was day dreaming at that time.

  2. ST,

    Isn't a trade at ends of the channel profitable? In this case, a short at the top that you have noted with TP?

    - Rahul

  3. Rahul

    Cant identify it as a channel move in real time at that stage. It may end up as another range within the breakout spike


  4. sir, why u didnot initiate a direct short below IRL ?
    i did that.

  5. Anurag

    I think you are referring to the break at 11.30
    Two trouble areas .PDL and BRN. It reversed from BRN
    Initial move was a very strong spike to the upside. I suspected buy orders around DO/IRL


  6. Hi ST,

    Will be posting my trades, In process of building system.
    Have picked up few concepts from your method.
    Please comment(good / bad). All most welcome. Better to be correct by a friend than Market :).


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