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Monday, November 18, 2013


Nifty gaped up above PDH. IR formed. Nifty was trading in IR and an envelop range for four hours. TST of DO-LOD-IRL-DB gave a long signal. Closed the position at BRN. Could have stayed a little more time


  1. ST ,
    Quick question: @11:54 wasn't that BOP of IR ?
    Going long @11:54 good option ?

  2. Hi,
    Sir why u not long when it first cross IRH..Thank u..plz explain

  3. Hi ST,

    I had read the books by Lance B. and started wondering if that method will work in the Indian markets. And suddenly I happened to stumble on your blog. Your method and technique is impeccable. Your accuracy is truly amazing and an inspiration. I can easily say you have mastered that technique ( If that is possible in the markets). Thanks for the blog.

  4. Anon
    There was a minor BOF of IRL. Then the price did not move for the next one hour. So I decided to wait for a BPB. This did not trigger.
    Further there was BRN above the level. Maximum we can expect is a move till BRN.So skipped


  5. Xtrader1

    No . there was no entry trigger.
    Read the post "Initial stops"
    Entries are always on break of a formation


  6. Nikhil

    I have modified the system to suit Nifty Futures.The core concept is same. Lance is well aware of it and is kind enough to link my blog as recommended one.


  7. Hi ST,

    When you took this trade what was the price that you were targeting (or expecting it to hit). Also, when price halted near range high, what prompted you to stay in the trade till BRN, when already price has moved twice from there to IRL.

  8. Anon
    In a range the target is always the other range extreme. In this trade it is naturally the range high.
    Price attempted to break below the IRL four times but could not. So the market may go up. So we are taking a chance as the risk is very low.
    Price hits the Range high. stalls there. Naturally there will be a pull back.We are in profit at least we are not going to lose.If price is going to reverse from here we are going to scratch.
    Previous swing high is 6180. Also a round number. This swing high may act as support.
    Last candle is acting as master candle. Lets us hope it will hold.
    It was just a TST of the range high. Not a BOF. No breakout traders trapped. There will not be panic exits.So I waited
    Once price hit BRN I exit. My thinking was that price may form another range between BRN and Range high.
    If somebody waited a little more he could have made another 20 points. "Price has broken out of the range after a long time. so there could be an up move. I am already in profit. If BO of range high fail I will exit"
    Same entry but three different exit. It all depends on the thought process during the trade.



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