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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Nifty opened near PDC and went down breaking PDL. IR formed as a barbed wire around PDL. Went long above the IRH . I was expecting a move to BRN. But price broke BRN and PDH. Covered on FTC. Tried another long trade on BOF of MSP/PDH and test of BRN. Target was HOD. But it suddenly reversed with a big bearish bar. Scratched. Went short below BRN into the fluid area. Nice move down to LOD.


  1. Nice fluid trade today. lolz on pslv


  2. both the successful trades were BO trades. i find more comfort with BOF or BPB. How to avoid not missing such trades ?


  3. the rocket that filled the pocket ST (y)



  4. Shai
    I have explained it in my post Pressure Plays.
    Breakouts are very easy to trade. But you should not risk much.
    For example today 08112013 the price attempted to go below BRN 5 times and failed. You can expect a lot of orders below this. Enter at 6198 and exit when it come back to 6202. You are risking just 300/-including commission. If it runs reward is much much more


  5. Sir,My brkg is on higher side as i

    trade v.less the brkg house say so.

    it is 2.5 brkg+1.4 tax=3.9 as nifty

    point, but is my tax correct ?Tnxs


  6. Kumar
    Your Brokerage is on the higher side.Change the broker
    With zerodha it will be 116/- and with TSO just 95/-. Same for all traders irrespective of trade volume.
    But margin required is less for Zerodha.Check



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