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Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Harish Thahkkar

Reproduced below is a comment received from  Harish Thahkkar which is self explanatory
He is using VWAP to supplement his trading decisions.

"I am presenting some my observations which I think will be helpful to blog readers

(1) Draw horizontal lines on plain charts of Open,PDC place VWAP.Full IR above/below will be trend day

(2)VWAP works as regression line,turning points of mkt eg.price gap down open < PDC price remaing  mostly above VWAP throught day,it makes BO,PDL,PDC,sometimes even PDH

(3)VWAP can show success of BO on DPS eg.VWAP remaing good distance above PDL but price rmemains below it,if low volumes price moves above VWAP,makes BOF like wise on PDC,PDH

(4)1st swing H-L,1st BO or BOF.1st attempt to turn the market.1st WRB dominate the attempt to turn the market is strong means bottom is near.If 1st low and next 2-3 lows are nearer with 5-7 points diffirence it is rounding bottom and trapes short sellers.List is big If you like, I will write.Thanks.

Please click the links to view charts 

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  1. can you provide afl for vwap(


  2. Sir.
    If you go word to word few times on
    Breet's site

    Being innovator of the concept,it can give wings your trading skill and benefit us.I have short notes
    which I will write latter.
    Following are 2 more screen shot one is of additional study of VWAP which explained in chart itself.

    Send the afl as required.

  4. hi ST sir,
    in my view,since the traders who are trapped when They try to catch the reversal of trend early,and when reversal fails,They will be waiting to exit their positions at a better price..hence VWAP acts as resistance and support..and it make sense using VWAP rather than normal moving averages..just my view...
    And Mr.Harish,nice work and thanks for providing FOOD for THOUGHT.. :)


    Live Market example


    Live market example


    Live market example

  8. Sir,
    Thanks for your encouragements.
    I can send live market examples only for study purpose it should never be treated as a call by readers.
    To day after market hours I made detailed study which can be easy for
    readers to understand.

  9. Dear Harish Thakkar,
    Could you pls provide the afl that you are using.

    Thanks & regards


  10. Nice work Harish Tahkkar.

  11. Sir,
    Thanks lot for your encouragements.
    Yesterday as I send the live market
    chart of my trading I could not explain the trading ideas in detials.
    Better explaination will be this.

  12. The undermentioned linke contains many afls as many as you want.Google serch specified one or write your mail ID behind the name as did by STOXTRENDS so I can send.


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