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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Nifty opened within previous day range. First bar acted as the IR. Skipped BOF of IR as IRL/PDC/BRN very close. Attempted a long on BOF of PDC/IRL/BRN. Scratched. BPB of BRN gave a short. Quick 20 point trade.


  1. Hello

    Would not the inability to sustain above 5620F give a short trade?

    Maybe BOF of 5620F.

  2. Kpl Sir

    Yes. Failure to continue above 5620 was a short signal.My focus was on 5630, HOD for a short trade.
    Some times I become over cautious and skip trades.Playing not to lose rather than playing to win is another psychological problem it seems


  3. kpl & ST,

    that was a good question & a thoughtful answer !!

    Just that I m wondering, how long im going to be naive in this market ...

    glad i came across this website..(through timamo)..



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