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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Nifty opened just below PDC and spiked. Formed a wide initial range. There was no space for a channel move with BRN and PDH very near. Short on BOF of IRH. Did not move as expected . Scratched. Thought of going long on BOF of  swing low. but was not confident to trade into a  prominent flip zone 5980 and the market proved me right.Missed most of the down move. Short was late on the BPB of DO/IRL. TP at PDL


  1. ST, remember Doji on inditraders? she has a nice post on Wyckoff's Thrust and Spring.

    There is one more good link on this topic:


  2. I m visiting ur blog regularly and try to understand ur trading strategy but some nomenclature I do not understand pl. give it them in ur blog


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