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Friday, January 11, 2013

Number Puzzles

Do You like Number Puzzles ?

 I do. Have you seen  the Fido puzzle ? Nice one.I spent a lot of time to find out the "Rules" that made this thing work.But could not find out. Play it HERE.and come back. Just click on the guy in the lower right corner to continue through  each step.

How is it ? Amazing . Isn't it ?. If you know how it works, please let me know.Number guessing puzzles are fun and they amaze you and help you learn arithmetic.

But do you really  need such complicated calculations to find out the number you rounded off or imagined ?. It is obvious and right in front of the piece of paper. You need not spend a lot of time and effort to develop a software for this task. But some people do.

These people are called Traders. These guys  think they are wise, learned and intelligent.They do a lot of brain storming, research and  back testing to find out the numbers where they  can initiate their trades. In fact these price levels are very clear and obvious right in front of them on their charts.

We,traders,spent most of our time and energy to devise tools to identify the price levels where we can enter high probability trades.I wonder why we are doing it. Market itself is showing us the levels it respect.We do not believe the market. We do some silly calculations on it and find our own levels and expect the market to respect it.. Funny isn't it ?


  1. Hi ST sir,

    Nice puzzle. It is actually just the magic of 9. When you subtract smaller number from bigger number (consisting of same digits) result is always divisible by 9. Once you have 2/3 digits, you can always guess the missing digit, that will make the sum of digits divisible by 9. Only exception will be adding 0 or 9 when sum is already divisible by 9, thats why the clause not to pick 0.

  2. This is about a previous topic.

    ST just curious to know what if there is a reverse master candle where u have previous candles within the range of the last candle. Any significance? For eg u can see one on daily Nifty charts where the last candle looks like a reverse master candle.

  3. SBSB

    Reverse Master candles are the good old engulfing candles. They do work. Here also the location is more important than the candle pattern


  4. Hello ST:

    This puzzle uses Kaprekar constant. Any three digit ends up after a few steps to a constant of 495 and any four digit number ends up at 6174. so when you type out the last step even after jumbling up whatever your calculations, it can easily identify the number that is left out as it is constant. Here is the link

    Have a happy Makara Villaku !!!



  5. Haha - loved this puzzle! It took me a bit to figure out but I enjoyed it.

  6. @Dustin Small

    Nice to get a comment from a "Seeking Alpha" certified blogger


  7. Haha, np ST... Thanks for checking out my blog!


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