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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Nifty opened near PDC. The first bar acted as IR. TST of PDH gave a short signal.TP on FTC below 6020 level. Did not go long here as there was a strong flip zone above as FTA.As expected breakout of this level failed. and price fell to earlier low. Shorted below candle marked A. TP at PDL
@Akshay. This is situation no 3 in my yesterdays explanation.. Hope you noticed candle A and shorted below it. There are three situations where I enter on direct break of a level. As you know the first one is "Cigarette" The other two are work in progress. "Master Candle" and " Pressure Play.".Candle "A" is a Master Candle.


  1. hi sir
    why do you say that its a "strong flip zone " ...there were so many shorts trapped on 2 attempts to go below 6020...looking that i took the trade....But i again shorted on bof of ir low at 6037..this trade moved well...although you have not taken this trade ..can you explain why?

  2. Akshay

    BOF short of IR low was an excellent trade.Congrats.
    IR Low was a major flip zone. Yesterday evening it resisted and today morning it gave good support.I was expecting a bounce from this zone
    I missed the BOF of IR trade. I was wondering weather 6030 will hold or not.



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