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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

@ Anurag


  1. Thanks ST sir.

    Need to get more clarity on FTA, currently perceiving it as level from where price shows resistance and/or start moving in reverse (before DP). For 1st trade i was considering IRH and for 3rd trade 14:06 candle low and PDL as FTAs. Will again study previous charts and posts where you have taken FTA into consideration.

    The way you have been handling queries on this blog is amazing. Speaks a lot about you in addition to your trading skills. Thanx a lot.

  2. Anurag

    Never try to trade the way I trade. You just can't as this is purely discretionary.Understand the concepts and tweak it to your own comfort level.
    Use this as a template to work with.Build on it. Otherwise you will get disappointed and flirt to something else soon


  3. Right ST sir. Though benchmark is the way u trade with this structure. This is the outer layout, I know inside I have to work through, thats why yesterday I asked you about my trades and their corresponding reasons.

    Going through previous charts on my own and later reading your comments really helped a lot.


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