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Friday, January 11, 2013


Nifty gaped up  within previous day range and failed to go above PDH. Waited till the IIP announcement is over. First trade BPB of  Range low. Did not move as expected. Scratched.BOF of Range low gave another short. TP at PDL.. Did not attempt any other trade. You can find two Master Candles today. Second one gave us a good lesson.Do not forget to notice the first trouble area .


  1. Hello ST, I am not why you had to scratch the trade as the it was only slightly above day's low range. Is it because of RR ratio or is there any other reason for the same.


  2. hi
    Why did you not go long when 2nd attempt to breakout of pdc failed around 5990..?

  3. Subs

    Breakout of PDC to the down side failed twice.Two candles with lower tails scared me


  4. Akshay

    I was holding a short position and was confused whether to exit or not. Finally exited.
    How can I go long noticing a LOL. BRN and Previous range low just above.



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