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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reading : Idiot Waves

While rummaging through my attic, I discovered a collection of old manuscripts from Robert Nudnik Idiot, a physiologist and researcher into natural phenomena and the movements of stock markets. It was during Dr. Idiot's research that he made a surprising discovery: the recurrence of the number 10 in all human bodies he studied. With amazing regularity, each human body had ten fingers, divided into two groups of five. Not content to settle on this discovery, Dr. Idiot proceeded to study the feet of his subjects. He was amazed to find the same pattern of 10 repeated in two groups of five toes.

Gradually, the grouping of 10 into sets of five--the Idiot Wave--became the topic of the good Doctor's study of natural phenomena. In religion, Dr. Idiot found that the tablets of Moses contained 10 commandments, with five on each side. He also found that David Letterman invariably constructed his lists in groups of ten, with a commercial break in the middle. The Idiot Wave, it appears, is an organizing principle for all of nature.

In an earth-shattering discovery, Dr. Idiot found that many important market turning points have occurred 10 years apart, such as the market lows of 1977 and 1987, with a "dividing low" at 1982, five years between. This relationship of 10 also appears to be fractal, occurring across time frames. Last week, for instance, we saw an important market turning point at 10 AM in New York and another one at 10 AM in Los Angeles and 5 PM in London.

With considerable study of Dr. Idiot's manuscripts, it is now possible to unravel the secrets of the stock market and apply Idiot Wave principles to all forms of trading and investment. The home study course I'm developing will teach you everything you need to know to trade Idiot style. It will be available for $10,000, which you'll be able to pay in two evenly-spaced installments of $5000. It's amazing how often that pattern shows up...

Dr. Brett Steenbarger 
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  1. He HE HE.... I m ready to pay $10,000.. in $10... intallments.. @ 10am... on 10th of everymonth.. from 10th year of the Dr. Idiot's 10th idiot discovary...

  2. Later on it was also discovered that trading becomes very successful if

    a) the monitor is placed exactly 89 inches away from your eyes

    b) the router is placed at exactly 61.8% between the monitor and the computer

    c) before the start of the trading day,walk up and down the room counting exactly 1321 steps.


  3. LOL....That was an excellent piece of satire from the great market psycho whiz...

    Though it is poking fun at elliot waves,fibonacci etc... that should not detract from the virtues of pattern recognition in general as a guiding principle in market analysis.....remember...even the "one trick" advocated by this blog - BOF - is just another pattern that is observed to have resulted in a particular outcome in most cases there !!

  4. Ratnakar

    Thanks for the comment.

    @ Ananth.
    You are right. All the trading methods are based on some pattern.

    I am thankful to Eli Radke for one advise. "Find what you can act on ". I found I cant act on EW and fibs.I will advise the traders who find ( Not Think ) ,it is actionable to stick with it.

    I found this blog post of Dr. Brett when I started with EW. When you commit a lot of time and energy to learn something, it is very difficult to discard it later. I am thankful to him for the post so that I did not commit much on something which is not "Actionable" (atleast for me.)


  5. Thanks for the laugh ST!!!


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