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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feedback Please

Nifty Nirvana is six month old now. I would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming  support. I am getting good response as comments and I always try to acknowledge and reply them as soon as possible.

Still ,I feel many of the readers are reluctant to post the comments. So I have created a small survey to get the feedback. It will not take much time . Please do spare a little time for me.I hope this will help me to improve .Kindly type your specific suggestions in the text box given after the last question.

Now please spend a few minutes and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. Thank You.

Click here to go to the survey page. 

Quote of the Day
Strategies are not something you can pick out of thin air and just make your own. It takes time. You have to suffer defeats and you hopefully will have a few wins. Howard Lindzon


  1. I only find your blog a few days ago.

    - Very nice blog design, clean and simple
    - Very good charts and texts.
    - Very good job.

    I give you a 10!

    From portugal here.

  2. Rui

    Thanks for the visit and encouragement.
    Are you a non resident Indian ?
    Do you trade Indian Markets ?
    We would like to know more about you ,if you don't mind.


  3. a monkey is taking survey of our valuable thoughts.. thats unfare.. hehehehe...

  4. ratnakar

    Monkey is providing the facility for free whereas the other Homo sapiens charge for that.
    Their paid version is just fantastic !


  5. Sir - Your blog and analysis is excellent. Pl keep going !!Survey has been taken ..




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