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Friday, July 6, 2012


Nifty gaped down within previous day range. BPB of IR low was a tradeable signal. Skipped it as PDL was very close.BOF of BRN was a long . Again PDL scared me. Went long at BPB of PDL. A scratch. TST at PDL gave another long which moved well. LOL at PDC was also a good trade.

Yesterday I was out of station and could not watch the market. There were no reliable signals. If I traded I would have ended in deep red.


  1. Hi ST
    Would like to share my observation from last 20+ trades that BOF of PDL & PDH are very good trades, like yesterday's.
    I have noted your views regarding trading only BOF and i feel also if we concentrate only on BOF, and not to make it more complicated if restricted to only BOF of PDL & PDH and LOL, success rate can be very high.

    I request you and other readers to share their views.

  2. Kavi

    Your observation is correct.Many times I have written that a BOF is much more reliable pattern than a TST or BPB.Likewise PDL and PDH are much more reliable DP than a IR.

    Once you understand the core concept, you can trade this in many ways. We must learn to vary our position size as per the reliability of the pattern and location.



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