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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have received a few specific comments and suggestions as feedback Thank you very much for the response. I am reproducing these comments and my response to it in Red 

your analysis is very objective and factual. it is educative. over a period of time, we will be able to learn market well and get profits. Pl keep going. If possible, evlaute bank nifty as well atleast on a weekly basis.
I focus on Nifty Futures 3 M chart. There are reasons for that
coz i want to become rich before him.. heheheh
Liked your humor sense.( He is not willing to recommend this blog to his trader friends)
Excellent blog for new as well as matured traders. The daily updates are short and to the point. Please include the mail feed on your blog.
Thanks, will do that
Kindly do not let yourself down, even if you are not seeing any comments, blog is reflecting your ideology... I mean this as you want to share your ideas to the trading community..... Thanks for good work & sharing, All the best
Thanks. In the beginning I was upset with some comments. Now I don’t care.
Feel that there are lot more things to learn from you.
Thanks. I am happy that you find these rants useful
I have already recommended to my friends... and we use to discuss your commentry on charts...
Yes. That is the way to learn. If you are willing to take effort, you can tweak and make your own system.
Hi ST, I learnt a lot from your blog on DT. Keep up the great stuff. I dont comment much as i try to imbibe and action on it. thanks for sharing with us.
Thanks. I am happy that you find this method “Actionable”
Pls add a performance excel with the reason for trade abbv.
This is a discretionary method and the ultimate result will depend upon the market knowledge and experience of the trader.No point in performance evaluation
could you also share your experience with stock futures, and the difference in trading of stock futers vis-a-vis nifty future
Stock futures, barring a few are illiquid.Their movement is influenced by market as well as sector sentiment and is more difficult to trade.
A list of abbreviations visible on sidebar will help a lot.
I have designed the blog without the side bar so that readers can view bigger chart. I have removed all the rarely used ones. Now there are very few and there is no need to refer frequently.
definately for newbie it is a swarg
More detail on BOF and BPB and how to distinguish between these two.
I will make a separate post on these patterns soon
Can you please mention the entry and exit points with some more clarity. For example, in BPB, whether you enter the trade near break out point while the pull back is still going on or after the price tested the break out area and reversing in the direction of the break out. Will you wait for the bar that tested the breakout point to be negated. Sometimes, the pull back may not come closer to the break out point. In this case will you skip the trade or any other criteria to follow for entry. Thanks in advance
Give me little time. I will make a separate post and clarify these points


  1. Agreed on that performance record thing - since this is a discretionary method, everybody who is using this method will get a different result depending his / her exact entry, exit and stop.

    I started keeping one and publishing on the blog for two reasons - first to keep track of my own trades and secondly, the readers will get at least some idea of the kind of results they can expect to get.

    My rough estimate - between 300 to 400 points per month on one lot - can be a reasonable figure to expect.

    Thanks ST, great going, keep it up.

  2. SS
    You are right, That is possible.
    Profit in Rupee terms is a function of ones positions size. one can always scale up.


  3. You said there are reasons for using 3 Minute timeframe chart. May I know the reasons?
    Thanks in advance
    R. S. Iyer

  4. RSI
    I do not trade Bank Nifty because , while trading a sectoral index we may need to pay attention to the broad market levels also.I find this very difficult.( I salute those who are trading international commodities without looking at Dollar Index chart. I stopped trading commodities because of this)
    In my opinion most of the day traders are trading 5M or 1M. 1M is really F1 racing and its swings are not enough considering our high cost of trading. I prefer 3M because it is not so fast, and it gives an early signal than the 5M.An early entry is an edge in the Market.



  5. Seen in one of you comments that you'll gonna start a live trading room kind stuff. Do yo have any plan to start that in near future? I can help for setting this

  6. Craig
    At present, No
    I am still working and need to serve till 2013 September to take VRS with all benefits
    SS is running a live chat room for a few. Contact him directly

    Thanks for the visit and comment.



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