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Friday, June 22, 2012

Spike and Channel

In an earlier post , I had written about a dangerous patten  called "Barbed Wire" formed around decision points.. Unless you identify this pattern earlier, you may get whipsawed left and right before you know what is happening."Spike and Channel" is another dangerous patten. If it happens immediately after day open ,you may be able to ride it.But better to stay out.SAC is nothing but a diagonal Barbed Wire.

A relatively large move in a short period of time is a spike. It could be an up move or a down move.A spike can be a gap, Wide range bar or a few bars in the same direction.After the spike price moves in a Channel in the same direction of the spike.While trading BOF ensure that it is not a SAC move.

 Above chart is today's price action . You can also see a narrow SAC  previous day evening.If we did not notice the SAC most of us will get trapped in BOF trade of HOD.Today those who have traded the BOF of BRN-LOD made good money. Imagine if  it turned out to be a SAC to the down side.


  1. what is SAC? its not in glossary

  2. There's a "glossary" ? Where can I find that ?

  3. rgtoronto

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page.If you cant see it I cant help.

    Something may be wrong with your browser or your eye sight.



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