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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am reproducing an Email received from Nifty Baz which is self explanatory

"I am experiencing difficulty in posting comments in your blog. The comment gets posted and a message is displayed on top that the comment has been saved and it will take some time to appear on the site. I then log out. However the comment does not appear in the post when I open your blog. I am attaching screenshot of your blog after having posted my comment at 10.11 pm. Thereafter I have signed out. But the comment does not appear in the blog. I don;t know why it is happening. I tried posting this several times today morning without success. It has happened on earlier occasions also."

Anybody encountering the same issue ? What could be wrong ?. If  you know the solution please let me know. 


  1. hi st,

    kindly remove the word confirmation for posting comments

  2. Hi ST, new reader. Testing if this works. Usually blogger does not show comments if they are moderated. But that you will know. Blogger eating comments is a known issue but is very rare.


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