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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nifty opened near PDC and drifted down. Reversed without testing BRN. BOF of  PDC -DO was a short trade for an experienced trader.BOF of LOL ( LOD/BRN) was an excellent trade. BOF of LOL(HOD/PDH) was a short which also moved well.. TST of DT at PDH gave another short signal.
If you are not familiar with the  Layer Over Layer concept , read it here
If you are not aware of LOL, you may short at point marked "A" and go long at Point "B".as BPB.

Most of the days the market will be in control of the day trading brigade.These people are creatures of habit and play by rules. Learn to swim with the sharks and hunt with the hounds.

I have removed the unwanted and rarely used items from the glossary. Now it is not confusing  and looks neat .


  1. is that an ABSORPTION PATTERN forming in hourly charts ....we have wolfe waves too indicating downside targets

  2. Jonak

    I do not monitor hourly charts and I do not know anything about WW. So I am not able to answer



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