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Monday, June 11, 2012


Nifty gaped up above PDH and traded within a 20 point range till 2.45. Even though the bias was bullish, I skipped the 1PB marked A because I felt after such a run up it may need some rest. Skipped the FTC at B also as there was no space for the price to move.BOF of TRH gave a short signal.I expected the price to go to PDH (LOL Trade). Exited at the BOF of BRN/DO. Went long on this BOF , TP at HOD. Hesitated to short at area marked D and missed the down move .BPB of PDH gave a short signal That one moved very well.. All the trades in profit.

The lower band is the screenshot of my trade book. This one is not for everyone  but for the gentleman who made a ridiculing comment(deleted it) on this weekend.Dear Sir. Please see the screen shot of first two trades, Notice how I have traded a 20 point range. It is possible with practice. Regarding the third trade, the PDH was protruding and hurting our left eye from morning. BPB of PDH ( a 40 point trade) was a child's play. If you missed this location and the BPB shame on you.
Here I am sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the  years for free. Everything may not be useful. but at least some beginners can get the benefit, I feel. Please do not force me to delete this blog.


  1. Hi ST,
    You are doing a wonderful job. I learned a lot in last few days after reading your blog and in fact today made a successful trade with the knowledge that you imparted.

    Thanks a lot for sharing...please keep doing it.

  2. Kavi

    Train your mind by annotating historical charts. This is a must
    Go slow.You can do it.All the best


  3. Dear ST,
    There are very few who share their knowledge. I never thought that I would day trade Nifty. Your blog, which I read and re-read, made it possible. I made small profit today and traded small range as well as BPB of PDH. You made it possible to "see" the graph from a totaaly different perspective.
    People will make varied remarks, as varied as market itself. You are a master at reading the market. How can you think of quitting for just one remark (though I have not read it, I feel it can't be THAT offensive). Keep doing what you feel like doing. Cheers!

  4. Dear ST,

    Good going! Keep it up! Ignore the comments and the people who don't care to understand what are they reading.

    @Nifty Baaz, good work.

    Hunt with hounds, DON'T run with the hares!! ;-)

  5. thanks you ss & st - nice blog with beautiful simple Technic,

  6. ST,

    Please give your email address.


  7. Dear sir

    You know that you are giving away gems as charity.....those who are destined to enrich their lives through it would cherish it.....the rest would treat it like "the garland in the hands of a monkey"....that is the way the life is....let it not dishearten you or make you deviate from your chosen path !

    Thank you and best regards


  8. NB, SS, Ajja and Ananth

    Thanks for the support.
    I just replied to his comment That is all.
    I am happy if I can reduce the learning curve of a beginner a little bit.Nothing is my own. Everything is in public domain,but scattered all around the WWW.I am just showing you what I have collected over the years.I hope some of you will be able to make use of it.


  9. Sam

    nifty nirvana at g mail

    Better not to post your mail ID as such. There are email harvesting bots on prowl. They will collect it and bombard you with spam.



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