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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reading: Quality of Life

While surfing, I stumbled upon this excellent blog post by Shri Vibhas Pande
Here is the Link to the original blog post

Having reached the middle age, one tends to introspect on how life was spent so far and how it can be utilised in a even more effective manner. I have hence conducted a small audit and have identified four critical things to enjoy a happy and fruitful life.

1. Health. One must enjoy a healthy, long, disease free and blissful life. This is the bottom line. All efforts are towards achieving this. Healthy, long and disease free life can be earned by slowing down pace of life thereby reducing stress and hence ageing process. Regular exercise is essential for this aspect. Open air exercises, fresh air and sunlight, adequate sweating and deep breathing are a must.These habits are to be formed. Once formed they bring in small but effective changes in our body systems naturally. Adequate deep sleep is essential for good health. Specially half an hour siesta post lunch. It is heavenly. 

2. Relationships. Investing in deep and bonding relationships is essential for a blissful and complete life. Spouse, children,parents,uncles and aunts,cousins, nephews,nieces, coursemates, friends,acquaintances......
The list is long. What is essential to note is that each relationship has an unwritten Emotional Bank Account (EBA). We can not withdraw more than what we deposit. We need to invest in EBA of each relationship on a regular basis and withdraw hardly ever from it. 

3. Bank Balance.  One must have adequate bank balance to enjoy good quality life. How much is enough is dependent on one's 'wants', not 'needs'. Needs are really not very much. It is the 'wants' that create the desire to amass wealth. As long wealth is created ethically, it gives you peaceful sleep. Unethical wealth creation goes against our very aim of 'blissful life'. Always remember, 'money is a good servant but a poor master'. 

4. Time. All the above mentioned factors are governed by one important element. Time. We live life in the present moment. This moment can not be stored, recreated,carried forward. We must be masters of our own time. Let no one else command our time more than what we allow. Life is to be enjoyed this very moment, every moment. While we do not have control over flow of time, we must have control over the quality of our time. This is possible and must be exercised.

Thus good health, warm relationships, strong bank balance and free quality time are most critical elements to enjoy good quality life. 

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