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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oceans of Fantasy

Markets often reminds me of the Ocean. From the seashore to the deepest depths,oceans are home to some of the most diverse life on Earth. From the warm sunlit waters of the surface to the pitch-black bottom layer of the ocean,where the water is almost freezing and the pressure is immense, life exists.

These organisms have adapted to the difficult environmental conditions like no light, low oxygen, scarce food, crushing pressure etc. Many creatures in the deep oceans are bioluminescent and produce their own light.Many have huge mouths or enormous guts to gobble up as much food as they can when it is available.

Different zones of the Ocean need different set of skills for survival.Just staying afloat in the respective zone itself is a a major concern for these animals. Some fish have gas-filled swim bladders, while jellyfish and other creatures absorb huge amounts of water in their tissue.

Like the Ocean, Market is inviting and notoriously dangerous.You can see the biodiversity in stock markets also. There are multi billion funds and small investors,Bulls and bears,Scalpers,day traders,swing traders, position traders,brokers, analysts and buy and hold investors.These creatures differ in their skill, knowledge and style. They operate in different time frames and the market feeds them all.

It is extremely important to stick and adapt to the respective zones for survival. Select and stick to a trading style that suits your personality.

"Jack of all Trades" will not survive as a trader for long. 

 This really is a great song:  Oceans of Fantasy -BoneyM

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