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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Nifty gaped down . FTC gave a short signal. But price did not fall as expected. BOF at DB was a disaster CT trade. The Pin bar and good volume trapped many. TST at a major swing low was a clear long signal . see the massive volume at the area..Another range day..


  1. hi nice what do u think....correction is over???...if u look at the defty ...i think theres one more downleg of a possible PENANT

  2. Jonak

    To be frank. I have no Idea.

    I do not follow Defty and don't look for conventional patterns. There are only 3 elements in my trading. Decision points, price acceptance and rejection.

    My trading revolves around trader decision points. I try to trade the acceptance and rejection of price at these areas.


  3. Could you let us know the abbrevations used.


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