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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Close the Gap

I own and drive cars for the last 20 years and have driven more than 2 Lakh KMs. Luckily, I never had a tyre puncture during this period. I have not changed a car tyre so far in my life time . I have theoretical knowledge reading the owners manual and also have observed  many people doing it.I hope these knowledge will help me to do it when need arises.

But there is a big gap between the two.This is the difference between how you believe to act under certain situations and how you actually act when time comes.There is a lot of difference between knowing something and doing something.Everybody knows how to lose weight. but very few do it.Everybody knows the ill effects of smoking but fail to quit.

Trading is not different. Ignorance or lack of knowledge is not the problem for many. A lot of people very well understand  how the market works and what the market bias is, but yet very few are able to put that knowledge into practice

It is the application of the knowledge that makes the whole difference.Everything that we need to know is freely available and are in public domain. Problem is  most people will never put the efforts and the time to consistently apply that knowledge in their everyday trading process

The sooner you close this gap the better

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