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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Waypoints are sets of coordinates that identify a point in physical space. Waypoints have  become widespread for navigational use by the layman since the development of advanced navigational systems, such as GPS.

In olden times also people traveled using reference points. Traditionally these have been associated with distinctive features of the real world, such as rock formations, Rivers, Mountains etc.Later on artificial reference points such as Buoys, Light Houses,Radio Beacons Sign boards were created to aid navigation.

In order to navigate the chart space  traders also use some reference points. If we are not aware of these reference points we will not be able to trade successfully.. It is a fact that big money traders move the market on a day to day basis especially in small time frames. They are creatures of habit and they react to these reference points in the same way again and again.

Pay attention to waypoints such as PDL,PDH,PDC,DO,HOD,LOD,DT.DB etc.

If you want to win, swim with  the sharks and hunt with the hounds.

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  1. I am reading it a bit late, but nice one. Thank you ST.


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