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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Chinese Bamboo


  1. Hi ST,

    Although, I am interested in stock market but I am not a day trader; in fact, I am not even a swing trader or position trader. I might start trading in distant future but for the time being I am interested in plain, boring, long term investing. Doing the sort of thing that u did in the beginning in 1987.

    But, I am interested in reading about stock market, probability and statistics. One such good resource is SS blog - TIMAMO. And, through his blog I got to know about your blog.

    Though, we are involved in different things but they differ in form in philosphy there is similarities, i.e. acceptance and rejection of price level.

    Please, keep uploading such stuff. This video and the article on chicken sexing were really superb. I am saving one for the trying times;)

  2. Hi RM

    Happy to learn that you liked the blog. Thanks
    It is a long,lone, tough journey. Never give up.



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