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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aya Ram Gaya Ram

Every one who is familiar with Indian politics might have heard  this term "Aya Ram Gaya Ram".
It was Haryana which gifted this usage to us when then Hassanpur MLA Gaya Lal changed parties three times in a day in 1967. Mr Gaya Lals's feat was immortalized in the phrase " Aya Ram, Gaya Ram."and is regularly used to denote defection and horse trading by politicians.

But for us, the Traders, Gaya Lal is a role model. Watching  the developments without any bias and joining  the winning team  without hesitation is one of the "Must Have" character  of a winning trader.Anything can happen in Markets at any time. It is disastrous to approach and trade the markets with a bias.

We are not permabulls or permabears . We are with the winning team. We sit on the fence until the bias is clear and join the winners.

Defection is not a bad thing in Trading.

Thank God. The Anti Defection Bill is not applicable to traders.


  1. Hi ST:

    Really good inference and would like to add that the daily trader pushes the market to the winning side to make it rock "dum laga ke haisha".



  2. Vinod

    Day traders move the market on a day today basis and they are creatures of habit.Once you understand how they react to different situations, you can make lorry loads money.


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