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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Price opened below PDL and tried to move up. Did not attempt a short below IRL as the pull back moved above PDL. Shorted on retest and held for a long time. Price moved only after my exit. Expected a BOF of LOD but price moved up after a TST. Missed


  1. Was the first trade a touch trade? These days you. Are taking a lot of touch trades can you explain them in detail?

  2. Thanks ST Sir. Excellent trade as usual.

  3. Hi,
    Where you took short trade at retest of PDL?is it direct entry OR at bearish bar low ?
    Also please explain your TST direct predifined entry @TST points.

    1. These are all blind entries.Moving towards such touch trades after watching Ziad,s webinar
      Lance has written three news letters on the subject recently. Please go through them
      Here we are trusting the structure to hold.No bar analysis. A limit sell at 8360 and SL buy at 8370 placed well in advance and wait for them to fill. Once price moves in favour bring down SL to the newly formed extreme.
      Works well if the level is strong and bias in favor



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