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Thursday, May 7, 2015


This is an illustrative example of the concepts being discussed.Markings are just visualizations on historical data in hindsight analysis    
Outside trend gap. Hesitated and missed a FTC opportunity on BOF of IRL. Did not go long of BPB of PDC/PDL . Shorted below BRN and covered at range low. Next trade BOF of range low failed. Could not get the final up move


  1. Sir

    One query, why did you avoid shorting at around 1:00 pm? There was a good CT move to the DP and probable Range High. Then again there was a good shorting possibility around 1:40 pm at BRN.

    Please share your views.

    1. @1.00 my short order at PDH did not get filled and I did not chase.
      Then I thought after a triple bottom formation price will move up. So considered 1.40 BOF as a deep choppy pullback


  2. Thank you for the chart & your help. Appreciate it.

    Please refer to

    a. When you take the IR BOF, BRN was close by if you had bought above the IRH @ #2. I am assuming you would have wanted to buy @ #1 marked in my chart. Correct?

    b. I am curious why you would not take the BOF of the 1st range low? BRN within 20 pts? CT trade @ #3?

    c. The rule of thumb I look for to FTA is atleast 15 pts. Is that a good rule?

    d. LOL / BRN BOF short @#4 & TST short @ #5. Didn’t like those?

    e. Is the BOF @ #6 considered a CT trade

    Thank you.

    1. a.Ideal trade is 1. 2 can also be taken considering stops above IRH and the fluid created by gap
      b.I exited my earlier shorts there.
      c.Yes. Need to consider the strength odf FTA and the move
      d.Read answer to URD
      e It was a CT. took it as it was a BOF and failure of the fifth test at the fag end. I was 100% certain that it will run
      But in markets there are no certainties


    2. Thank you for the detailed response. Appreciate it.

  3. ST
    breakout failure at pdc or BRN which was better trade

    1. BOF of PDC was a good signal.
      But will be difficult to stay in the trade for an hour waiting for a breakdown
      Probably one will scratch


  4. felt guilty watching your all charts and trades you took. so managed all trades are

  5. thanks ST
    Whats the reason for not taking BPB PDC Long?


    1. Daily in rally mode and trend is clearly down. So look for an exhaustion in the CT move
      Price had already moved 60 points and I felt there will be some consolidation before further move
      Only above 8160, previous day swing high, positional will start exiting



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