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Monday, May 11, 2015


Type 1 trend day through a beautiful fluid. Order at PDH did not get filled so long above IRH with SL below RN. Shaken out of the trade at 8280 by a CPB. Another long above BRN which moved to the end of fluid. Tried a short trade as FTC on the next test.Covered when range low refused to break.Missed the sudden BOF up move


  1. Thanks for the chart, ST Sir.
    Regarding your 2nd trade, why did you take direct BO of BRN. When do you wait for BPB and when you take direct BO. Please explain.

    1. Price was moving up after a minor TRAP. where I was shaken out.
      On a trend day use every opportunity to enter in the direction of trend. Fluid also gave confidence


  2. Last BOF setup, wasnt that a difficult setup to identify realtime ? similar BOF setup around 8323 range low break failed to show any strong buying.

    1. Pay attention to the time also
      from 12-30 to 2.30 most of the traders go for lunch and market will not have any conviction
      Afternoon move starts around 2.30 and trend will resume at this time generally


    2. Wonderful insight ST. Thank you. I have been away from trading for a few weeks, enjoyed the break, now back to work.

  3. Good chart.
    Your FTC entry (last trade), is the short low of the green bar? Since there was no swing low there curious why you would not consider shorting below either of the two red bars but picked the green bar low to short?
    Thank you,

  4. Hi st
    R U ok , from last Tuesday you are not update your blog what's the reason?? Just say me l am fine. Please. thank you !!

  5. Hope all is well. Looks like you have taken a break from posting in your blog.
    Hope everything is good.
    Looking forward to your posts.
    Have a good day

  6. Dear Rajesh,
    Why you not updating your blog these days? ...Hope everything well with you...

  7. Hallo,
    where are you? Hope all is well there......

  8. hi st
    what happened not updating from many days

  9. Hello ST,


    You were not seen for the last week or so. I hope u are doing well and will come back as soon as possible, continue your excellent work.


  10. Sorry . Could not update the blog for few days.
    One of my relatives was sick and I was with him as a bystander at the hospital. Now he is alright
    Further my daughter was attending her CA exams after which we went for a small trip to Tirunelveli in TN
    Will be back trading on Monday


  11. Dear ST,
    Happy to see you. :)
    in the break I am reading your old charts/comments and learning.

  12. Hi Rajesh,

    Sorry for my ignorance. I'm new to price action trading. I was going through your e-book. I couldn't understand some of the terms.
    1. WRB - I guess, this is Wide Range candle.
    2. CPB - I assume this is some kind of pull back. Could you please explain?

    And Could you please post a post about the price action trading terminology. I searched here as well. But didn't find out the terminologies.



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