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Monday, December 16, 2013


Nifty gaped down below PDL. First signal was a BPB of  PDL short below the first Master candle. Skipped the trade as the trade was into the option strike 6150 of NS and I was expecting a range move till WPI announcement is over.BO of IR failed. Went long above IRH. Closed when Nifty failed to settle above BRN. Attempted two more long trades on BOF of IR and BOF of LOD. Both the trades did not move as expected. Whole day Nifty was in a 25 point range.


  1. Sir a humble request-
    Please do update your trade entry and exit prices next your trade description.


  2. Dear ST,

    I took 3 trades today
    i. Short on BOF of PDL/IRH
    ii. Long on BOF or IRL (though entered much later than you did
    iii. Short on BOF or IRH/PDL

    You did not took these two short trades. Please let me know why. Given low day range i was just eyeing 10-12 points per trade.


  3. sir this was the situation which i been discussing early.

    IRH of the day !!!! how many times it made and broke in fact IRH & PDL formed a LOL I think!!


  4. Hi ST,

    I trade a 5 min chart. On it Nifty didn't cross PDC and I shorted thinking that it could be TST- FTC.
    The trade made money, but was it a correct trade. Especially thinking of TST- FTC.
    Plz click here

  5. Sir I made this today

    short on BOF of BRN sl was top the red candle and the target was IRL, kept watching by letting the market to hit any one of them.

    BOF of LOD aiming BRN but covered little early.

    one whipsaw next.

    last one was BOF at PDL & IRH for 9 points.



  6. Babu

    Entry and exit prices are not important to learn the method.
    To be frank I do not know the close of Nifty today. I play the market like a video game


  7. Harpreet

    I was expecting a bounce trapping all the positional shorts. Poor WPI data failed to push the market down.
    Nothing wrong in taking 10 point trades. But "Hoping" should not be there.


  8. TBP
    You did not notice BRN ?
    It was a BOF of BRN before TST FTC of PDC
    Nothing wrong in taking signals if you know where it is supposed to go. If you fail to notice some levels then there could be trouble


  9. Raghu

    Nothing wrong with trades.
    Last one trade we cant help.
    The only thing is we must know where a potential bounce can happen and be prepared to deal with the situation


  10. Soma

    Decision points are not brick walls but make or break levels. Market will do what it want to do. We are trying to define an approximate frame work within which price moves and trying to trade these moves.


  11. Thank you sir.

  12. Sir i like to know whether you conduct detailed analysis of each bars at decision points,like lance beggs describing them like ,high close,low close and midclose candles.

  13. techtrader

    No.I just see whether price is getting accepted at a new area or not



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