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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Own Your System

There is only one trading system that can make us consistent profit. That is “Our Own System.” People get caught up in trading a particular method that makes money for somebody else. There are so many methods in public domain that can be traded profitably. But this may not be suitable for our personality.

First of all we need a method with an edge. In other words the method should have a positive expectancy. Then we must have the ability or confidence to trade the method through good and bad times. The real problem with trading is that without a taste of success we are not going to have this trust and confidence to implement the method consistently.

Unfortunately, trading is a skill that cannot be taught. We can only be guided. It is just like learning to ride a bicycle. How can one be taught to balance on a bicycle? No way. We have to teach ourselves to do that persisting despite failing and falling down again and again.

This blog “Nifty Nirvana” is an effort to show a path which I believe will lead to trading mastery. Naturally, I can share what I have seen and what I have experienced .I know there will be much better and much easier paths leading to the same destination which I am not aware of.

Select a structure and framework that you believe you can trade profitably, tweak it to your own comfort level, trust it and trade it with absolute faith. I am sure the Decision Point method is a very practical and actionable template on which you can build on.

Customize, and make it your own.


  1. I have trust on "NN" system for the past one year. I am applying it in USDINR for the past few months. Getting excellent results and gaining more confidence on this system. Thanks ST sir...

  2. Adhi

    Nice to learn that it works on USD INR
    Upload one or two charts if possible


  3. My last trades for USDINR on 13th friday. The link is -

  4. Link for my USDINR trade chart is,

  5. Welcome sir...

  6. Hello,

    Where can I find more information about your system.
    If you have written about it in your blog, can you please share the links.

  7. Rajaram

    Read all the important posts given at the bottom of the blog



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