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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I was simply watching the market  the whole day. I could not find any confident entries to trade. It was very choppy with so many levels to watch for. In hind sight I find all the signals worked and made money.FTC below previous days strong resistance zone, BOF of PDH and BOF of IRL/LOD.All the trades went where they were supposed to go without me.Anyway I proved to me that I have patience and I am not violating my own rules.


  1. Today you were fasting sir? But i ate up 40 points.I too was not confident and was loafing here and there with the market till BOF of IRL/LOD pop-uped on my screen.
    Never traded Nifty with such a confidence in my 3 years of trading experience.
    I salute to you,your patience and your method sir.

    thanks a lot.

  2. arvind kumar

    Great. It was a nice trade
    IRL/LOD double bottom BOF.
    I was in the hangover of previous chop and hesitated to pull the trigger


  3. Sir,
    Wanted to ask u, these days are fine, nifty is moving so much that sometimes in a day we get 100 points gain in a single call
    but what about those day when the move itself is of max 30 points. do we get good trades in those days as well ??? good trade means good r:r trade.

    Also, it would be immensely helpful if u can share your money management with us.


  4. Anurag jais

    The method worked even with an ATR of 40. Market volatility is not a factor in profitability. Your risk is less and position is bigger in a low volatile market


  5. hi,
    i wanna ask you that do you consider trend in your trading?
    Let say there is BOF of PDl but trend is down and there is room for this trade to move do you consider going long @ BOF of PDL?

    kindly share your views.


  6. N
    My trend definition is a little bit different. For me an up trend is successive higher ranges and a down trend successive lower ranges. I try to sell the range highs and buy the range lows. In an up trend I will prefer to buy the lows than selling the highs.
    In a down trend preferred trades are selling the range highs. I will go long on BOF of PDL in a down trend if other factors are favourable. But will think twice if it is a TST or FTC



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