There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading Derivatives . Losses can and will occur. My methods will not ensure profits

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Nifty gaped up above PDH and broke BRN. BPB of BRN gave a long signal. Long above IRH which acted as a MC. TP when Nifty refused to go above 5850. Next long signal was the BOF of range low. Good trade TP at BRN 5900. Skipped the BOF of BRN as there was not much space for the trade to move. Further the trade was against the bias. Earlier range high is a very strong flip zone.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am Software Engineer having 5 years of work Ex, I am very impressed with your trading strategy.

    But when I see yours chart, I feel that ohh Trading is very easy, but even when I try to backtest those strategies I found that my entry was too late or too early resulting into loss.

    Can you guide me on this.

    One more thing is, please let me know about yours check-list(Plan) before market open, How do you plan your trade or Trade management....

  2. hi,
    as i take trade on high range breakout i took trade on low rage breakout but scratched that trade on BOF? many times it happen to me!!
    have i need to wait for price to break IR high to take short side? some time the distance between IR high and rang low will be very big!


  3. Sir,
    today market is in range for long time but u trade on BOF which turn profitable...So,how u get confidence to take a BOF trade on range market when BRN is near and RH also so close? Plz clarify...thank u..

  4. Anon

    Trading is something that you learn by doing and not by reading.It is like learning to drive or riding a bicycle.It will take a while to streamline your thought process and execute without hesitation.
    Do not commit your hard earned money initially. Mark your trades on at least 100 charts with the benefit of hind sight, simulate the trades by bar replay in some software and watch live market to identify trades for a few days. Once you start to trust the method go live with minimum quantity.
    I do not prepare anything before market open. I wait for the market to hit a DP or form an IR.Then it is as usual.

  5. Babu

    Till you gain some experience
    1.Do not take counter trend trades
    2.Do not trade if FTA is very close
    3.Make sure SCORE is favorable
    You may skip a lot of trades do not worry. Just two trades in a week is enough to live.
    Your risk is R. You are looking for trades with a reward of 2R. Just 2 trades a week means you are making 4R per week. ie 16 R in a month
    Imagine your capital is 2.5 lakhs and you are risking 1% of your capital. You will make 40000 per month which I think is sufficient for a middle class family to live.
    Less is more in trading. You need to capture just two 20 point moves in a week


  6. sentu

    Usually in prolonged range moves if a BOF happens at one extreme will cause a breakout of the other range extreme.I was well aware of the BRN and I took profit there


  7. Sir, plz do make us understand, buy
    on limit order with stop order, exit with mkt order. Tnxs

  8. Kumar

    Most of the time my entries are on break of a particular level. I identify the level early and put a Stop loss limit order there to avoid too much of slippage.
    Most of the time I exit with market orders



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