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Friday, August 2, 2013


A habit actually leads to a goal. For example to lose weight we must develop an exercise habit and a suitable food habit. Behavior modification is possible only through creating positive habits that can lead to your goals. Creating new habits are not easy and requires continuous conscious practice

Think about learning classical dance or gymnastics. We consciously practice some movements repeatedly and deliberately. With continuous deliberate practice we become good at these movements. Once we master the basics, more complex moves are practiced to improve the skill.

This is applicable to our entire lives. We are knowingly or unknowingly practicing and creating good and bad habits all the time. But we are not aware of it. People are practicing to get up late, to smoke, and to eat junk food. Think about it for a while. Are you happy with what you are practicing?

Profitable trading also requires behavior modifications. The most important thing is “Awareness”. Be conscious of what you are practicing. Decide whether this is an action or thought pattern you want to practice to develop the right habits for attaining your  goal of trading consistency .

Start to practice the actions you want to be good at and eliminate the rest. We will become good at what we repeatedly do for sure. if you are regularly doing what doesn’t work or not doing what does work, permanent failure will be the result

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  1. It is like programming the autopilot or the subconscious mind by the conscious mind while the superconscious mind watches on..........


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