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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Nifty opened near PDC and sold. First candle acted as a MC. Shorted below the MC/IRL/PDL with a stop just above this level. Covered quickly as I expected a range. Went short on the TST of BRN and BOF  of HOD /IRH/PDC. TP on IRL.
Tomorrow morning leaving for  Palani Hills on a pilgrimage . Friday is exchange holiday. Will be back on Monday. 


  1. Sir,
    What appears to me as a DB on Nifty future chart was a BOF of LOD on Nifty Spot.I went long on BOF of LOD keeping PDL as a target, got 35 points.
    Just one question sir , did i traded as per the system or was just lucky enough to get 35 points?

  2. arvind kumar

    IMHO it is better to trade the signals on Nifty Futures so that you can avoid a lot of confusion


  3. Hi..can you please tell me in which time frame the chart is prepared?


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