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Friday, August 23, 2013


Attempted two short trades today. BPB of BRN in the morning and BOF of  HOD in the evening.First one was a stop out and second one a scratch.


  1. ST ji,

    Can one term the rally that followed the decline from BOF of HOD, a fluid run. The price after breaking the minor swing high 5432.85 @14:30 covered the entire fall from HOD, giving 32 points.


  2. Anon

    The area may act as a fluid.But We should get a proper entry first at a DP before initiating a trade


  3. Sir,
    How do you concluded the final HOD, I mean the market kept on making highs at frequent interval.


  4. Arvind

    HOD and LOD is always named in hindsight.Market makes an extreme and fails to go beyond it. Then a crack of MSP happens. this is a clear sign of trend reversal.


  5. I myself took a short around 5421 NF (extremely bad entry chasing the price and mixing intraday with positional) but then exited at loss when realized that IRH and PDH were both closeby 5422-5424 and it started to trade above those levels.

    So in hindsight I realized, I feel there was not enough space for it to move so.


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