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Monday, July 22, 2013


Nifty opened below PDL and bounced back. Long on BOF of PDL. TP when price refused to go above PDH. I was expecting a range between PDH and MSP. Later Nifty broke the MSP and pulled back. Shorted below the MC as BPB. Covered at PDL. BOF of PDL, which came very late, gave a long signal which did not move. Scratched it.


  1. Sir
    Don't you take closing time into consideration while taking an entry.

  2. Sir shall we consider first trade as BPB of PDC abve PDL?

  3. Stalker
    Yes. Generally I avoid trades at the fag end as there will not be any fresh commitments from traders.


  4. techtrader

    Yes. you can trade it as BPB of PDC/PDL.
    I considered today's opening move as a continuation of the Previous day move.



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