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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Nifty gaped down and broke BRN. Went short on break of IRL as BPB of BRN. It was a smooth 30 point slide  respecting all the flips. Rest of the day Nifty traded in a range. BOF of Range low came very late.


  1. Regarding breakdown of IRL/BRN, I have a doubt. Your terminology uses BPB which I understand to mean buy/sell on pullback after break.

    But in today's range breakdown, there was no immediate pullback, in that case do you keep a stop order below/above the range? If pullback doesn't happen do we forego that entry?


    PS: I am using some of your methodology and posting at my blog

  2. Vivdev

    I always consider the gap as a move ( or as a wide range bar).
    Nifty broke BRN to the down side and pulled back. BPB entry trigger happened to be at IRL
    I would have gone long if Nifty went up and broke IRH as BOF of BRN

    It was not a Range breakdown pullback but the BPB of BRN


  3. thanks. it is very clear now.


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