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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Nifty opened within previous day range. First bar was a MC and it acted as the IR. Long on the BPB of PDH above the IR High. Second trade was a short below the range low as FTC.TP at LOD. Another long on the LOL BOF of LOD/BRN. Took profit at HOD.


  1. wow today went according to or rules. I too made good trade.

  2. Was it a fluid zone between 5815 and 5835?
    If yes, then was there a way to identify it when the first move occurred?

  3. Augu Bhai

    You are right. It was a fluid.
    Notice what happened in this area on 03072013.It was a gap. When I entered the first trade I was well aware of it and TP at the end of Fluid
    The area acted as a Fluid during the next down move and the final up move

    When entering a trade notice how price traveled through the area previously


  4. Fantastic trade! I missed the 5835 short but got the BOF @ LOD and it flew like mad through the Fluid!

    Thanks, ST!


  5. Jey

    Trading is a skill just like swimming and driving. Once you learn it you will never forget it.
    But you need to focus on the reality and practice a method with an "Enduring Edge" deliberately.


  6. SS

    Yes.We do miss a lot of good trades
    Many times forget to notice some crucial clues.
    Anyway. Improving slowly and steadily.



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