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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Another announcement day. I am not very comfortable trading news and expiry. Cigarette pattern in the morning was a good signal.


  1. ST Sir,

    Did u take any trades today?

    Also need some help that whether FTC above PDL (initially) was a short signal. Though it eventually did not prove to be one, but during the course of market I thought it to be.

  2. Anurag

    No.I was attending office

    It is not FTC,but BPB of PDL. Avoid it as FTA was too close.I have marked it

    One can safely short immediately after open with SL above BRN,PDH and Do.


  3. Sir.I am regular visiting your blog & I am trading only on price & volmes with japanies canles conept please make some comment for my better understanding.Today
    On plain fno 5 M chart with vol only low 5838 candles:Tail shaped low making vol:8,40,000
    L 5838 C 5866.(2)Next to it.vol 1,49,000 L 5843
    C 5489.Both tailed shapes shows priece absorption
    3rd storng bullish but 4th "MARUBOZU"full shaven
    bullish candle.Both swallow all sell off.5th hammer.If low making candles is "MORUBOZU" bearish price can stll go down.Buy triggers.

  4. Please read (2)vol 1,49,0000
    C 5849 typing mistake.

  5. Harish

    Sorry. Could not follow your question properly.
    I do not follow Volume or candle patterns.



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