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Friday, December 14, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day chop.IR formed without testing PDL. Went long on TST of IR low with a stop below PDL. It tested the patience for an hour and moved well. TP at yesterdays breakdown point. Again went long at BOF of BRN. Scratch trade. I was waiting to short the BPB of MSP and ended up going long on the BPB( or BOF?)  above the BRN. Did not break the HOD as expected.


  1. Hi ST

    Wonderful blog..!! on Price Action..Your detailed daily charts are good and lucid to follow..and the posts on insights of trading are a good reference.Best wishes..!!

  2. ST Sir,

    2:33 bar low is exactly same as PDC, could it have been BOF and long entry at 2:42 bar??

  3. Dear ST,

    Could you please also include the Target Area for each entry ?


  4. Hi smart,

    If you had to suggest one book to a newbie, what would you recommend?

    Big fan of your work/blog. Thanks for sharing

  5. Anurag

    No. There is no relevance to that level at 2.42
    Notice this level has broken four times to the down side and four times to the upside during the day
    Discard the used and abused ones. Love the Virgins; Anurag


  6. sekar

    Target is always the FTA
    We have no control over the price move.It is impossible to perfect the exit.


  7. reverseB

    Very few material is available on pure price action trading.Al brooks book will give you some insights.
    Go through the works of Lance Beggs
    Cadvers blog is fantastic

    Actually I have stolen the concept of FTC from Lance.


  8. ST Sir,

    Doubt cleared. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your patience for replying any and every query. U rock!!

    Going through a learning phase...will need more of your guidance.


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